A Visionary Website

As someone who has spent a lot of time around optometrists and eye geeks*, I am always on the prowl for inspiration for vision-themed websites. I’ve designed a few websites for local eye docs, and one of the most important aspects is to find a striking balance between great design, bleeding-edge technology, a professional appearance and a friendly, inviting tone. I think Warby Parker has hit the nail on the head. Although the site is not for an optometrist, but rather a chain of discount eyewear, there are SO many parts of this site that I just love. Clean yet detail-oriented design, beautiful images and photography, a cool feature that let’s you upload your picture so you can virtually try on glasses, the flowing, easy and casual marketing copy… okay stop me. Just let the screenshots show you for themselves.

Side Note: I am not one to tout going to a discount eyewear joint instead of to your local optometrist. After all, there is nobody who can serve you better than the highly trained professional right in front of you. Besides, often times local prices end up being cheaper than the big retail chains (especially if you have insurance) and you will receive higher quality frames and lenses from brands you know and trust.

Plus, when things go wrong (popped a lens, kid sat on your glasses) you have someone close by for a quick repair. I am a huge proponent of supporting local businesses, but I just had to give props to this website.

And, if you are a local optometrist who wants to implement great features and design like this on your website, you know who to call… ME!

Stepping off my soapbox now.  :)


Modern, Engaging & Inviting So much to look at on the homepage, but I don’t feel overwhelmed.

Focus on the Frames I love the big images! It’s exactly what I need to make a decision at this point. I might have to bookmark this page for baby names later. Love the product names!

Warby Parker Category List


The Devil’s in the Details Or maybe it’s an angel, because this product page is heavenly. Huge photos, easy to find shipping details, lots of product details.

Warby Parker Product Page


Virtual Try-On is Virtually Effortless This feature is just too cool— upload your photo, or use your webcam, to try on the glasses you like. You can even adjust them to your face (crooked ears, anyone?).

Warby Parker Try-On


A Seemingly Complicated Offering Made Simple Warby allows you to ship five pairs of glasses to your home to try on, then it’s up to you to ship them back and/or place an order. This process could seem complicated, but it seems effortless thanks to this great design.

Warby Parker Take-Home


Bonus Points for Philanthropy And even more bonus points for the great use of typography and infographics.

Warby Parker Philanthropy


Like I said, I am totally in support of going to your local eye doctor. You will definitely be getting a higher quality pair of frames and lenses from brand names you know and trust, and if you have vision insurance you are probably paying the same price, if not less.


* It’s true. I love the eye geeks.  I worked for an eye doctor in high school and college, and now my husband is in optometry school and works part-time at a Grove City area eye doctor’s office. Somehow, the love of eyes skipped me. :)