Hometown Glory

‘Round my hometown, memories are fresh… and the people I’ve met are the wonders of my world. — Adele

I had a meeting with a client last night in my hometown of Mount Vernon, Ohio. It was nice to be home and have pizza with the in-laws, take a walk through the downtown, and send random texts to high school friends to see how they are doing.

As much as I love Columbus, it’s nice to hop on the highway and drive back to the place that truly grounds me. I love my small town and am grateful for the members of the community who molded me and have become a little piece of who I am now, regardless of where I live.

P.S. That house is my FAVORITE house in town. I took about five million pictures of it in high school for a photography class. I am so inspired by the detail and the woodwork. I can imagine Alex and I sitting on the porch with the fur kids and a good book. Well, I’d have a book. Alex would probably have Sports Illustrated. But that doesn’t sound quite as picturesque, does it? :)