Dining Area Makeover: Part 2

Ahhhhh… long weekends. I know most people look forward to them in order to relax and enjoy, but I love a good long weekend because I pack it full of projects and tasks I’ve been meaning to do forever but haven’t found the time. This Labor Day long weekend, I’ve been working on getting my house in order and finally finishing up my dining area makeover I’ve been talking about. Yep! I finally finished it. Here are the results and how I did it:


Step 1: Order hairpin table legs from www.hairpinlegs.com ($18 each for 28″ size). Bonus: The company is Columbus- based, so I just picked them up at their Grandview Heights location (free shipping!).


Step 2: Buy the Erslev rug from IKEA ($39.99) or a similar flat-woven rug, a quart of paint ($12.99) and a roll of blue painter’s tape ($3.99). Tape off lines, chevrons, a pattern, or anything else into the rug.


Step 3: Paint the rug. I used a latex paint with satin finish in ebony. I really liked how it turned out. You really have to lay it on thick using a regular old soft bristle paint brush. I used a little less than a quart to get the job done.


Step 4: Let the paint dry overnight, then rip off the tape. That’s it — gorgeous, designer looking rug for probably less than half the price.


Step 5: Attach table legs to a piece of barnwood (or, an old desk top if you are me) using wood screws and a drill. Afraid to use a drill? Me too. I watched this YouTube video first, but it was really not that bad.  Add some gorgeous chairs (mine are from World Market — $109/each), a nice centerpiece and that’s it. Modern dining area for about $250. You couldn’t find a cheap (read: ugly) dining set and rug for that much at Odd Lots.


I’m loving my new dining area — I might even make a gourmet dinner tonight just so I can bask in the glory of all my hard work! If you want to try it yourself, feel free to ask any questions in the comments.